Happy Carolina Day, From THE REAL Peach State

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, today is Carolina Day, the anniversary of the patriot defeat of the British armada at Fort Moultrie.

A link to events may be found here.

Of course, on a day like today, I am reflecting on these events, and how blessed I am to be back home in South Carolina.

And I’m thinking about peaches. Kim Severenson from the New York Times wrote a great piece on my old Nashville neighborhood last week and in digging, I found an article she’d written a last year on the great peach divide. South Carolina, or Georgia?

Millions of peaches, peaches for me.

Well, I’m stoked to announce that my loyalties lie forever with the Carolinas, and am hosting Guerrilla Cuisine Jimihatt for a peach – themed dinner on July 25. I assure you – we’re up to no good.

Guerrilla Cuisine hosts some pretty awesome events – check it out.

Power to the peaches…

Now get downtown so you can hear “Three Blind Mice” from the bells of Saint Michaels at 11!!!



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