Video: Mercado San Miguel

The Mercado San Miguel was featured in the Madrid episode of No Reservations. This was the first meal I ate in Spain. Galician percebes, or (gooseneck barnacles), elvers (baby eels), cockles (berbecheros) and of course the famous jamon Iberico Bellota (the black hooved, acorn fed ham from the Dehesa). If you should find yourself in Madrid, visiting this market, near the lovely Plaza Major, is a must.

Madrid Percebes
Percebes are gooseneck barnacles from Galicia, in Northwest Spain. Harvesting these gems is one of the world’s most dangerous professions, but they are SO delicious!
Madrid Mercato Eels
Elvers, or baby eels
Madrid Berbecheros
Berbecheros, or cockles. These are all over the beach in Charleston. How come no one is harvesting them?
Madrid m Mas @ Mercato
Chicharones de Pato, or crispy duck skins. I did not see any Crystal hot sauce, but I sure looked for it.
Madrid Jamon Knives
Instruments of YUM!

Madrid Breads @ Mercato Madrid Piggy Products

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