Giving Back to Nat Fuller


Enough Pie Up-Start

I’ve written previously about Nat Fuller, the singular hospitality provider known for hosting a Reconciliation Dinner a week after the end of The Late Unpleasantness. (You can read my posts here, here and here.) For a fairly thorough account of his life, visit the Lowcountry Digital History Initiative.

I have, at long last last, submitted a grant proposal for a clean up of the Herriott St. Cemetery. If approved, my goal is to gather a coalition of volunteers for a weekend cleanup in late January, ideally with matching contributions from Charleston area funeral services, hardware stores and hospitality providers.

If you’d be interested in being part of such an effort or contributing in some way,please share this post with friends and colleagues. Weigh in!

I’ll keep you abreast of my discoveries and progress.

About Chef Forrest Parker

A devoted evangelist of all things South Carolina, Chef Forrest Parker is a long time licensed tour guide for the City of Charleston and was named a 2016 SC Chef Ambassador by Governor Nikki Haley. More to come...
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One Response to Giving Back to Nat Fuller

  1. paulette foley says:

    I’d love to help with cleanup.

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