The Eerie Bones of Fort Fremont

Think Mayan Tulum, the Forest Moon of Endor & The Planet of the Apes all bundled up. Why this hasn’t been used as a filming location for a horror or sci-fi movie is beyond me.

At first glance, Fort Fremont is such a creepy space. I’ll admit the heebie jeebies never went away. (Perhaps due to the proximity to the famed paranormal Lands End Light?)

At any rate, the space itself is perfectly safe, just come prepared to climb, with water, bugspray and a light in tow.

Completed by 1899, Fort Fremont was part of the coastal defenses built around the US at the time of the Spanish American War. Obsolete by the time of its construction, the fort was abandoned by 1921 after use as a quarantine station. It remains one of only 2 remaining Span- Am sites extant in the country, and was the last refuelling station for the USS Maine prior to being destroyed in the Havana harbor.
It’s a lovely place, dark and wondrous. If you’re visiting St. Helena, I strongly recommend a visit.
As an insider’s tip, if you time it correctly, a quick visit to the nearby beach will allow a lovely view of the sunset over the Beaufort River. Driving back after dark, who Knows? You may indeed spot the Lands End Light hovering above the road, following you, but that’s a story for another time…

Adapted from  my review on Tripadvisor:

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