Palmetto Asparagus

(L) early 20th Century engraving of the famed Palmetto Asparagus.
(R, Above) Monetta Farm‘s delicious Palmetto State asparagus.

South Carolina became the leading grower of Asparagus in the late 19th & early 20th Century. South Carolina ALSO is responsible for introducing one of the most delicious varieties of the spring harbinger; the aptly named Palmetto.

I first became aware of the strain reading David Shields excellent treatise Southern Provisions and have been on a quest for this grael ever since.

Great news today as David reports here in Charleston Magazine that our good friends at Monetta Asparagus Farm have undertaken the quest and are now leading the charge to revive and restore this uniquely delicious link to our past here in the Palmetto State!

Cooking seasonally is in my DNA, and little dispels the seasonally affective grey of our Lowcountry winter as the bright, crisp shoots of Spring Palmetto State asparagus. Come taste how I prepare Certified SC asparagus (perhaps paired with a softshell crab?) and join us on an Undiscovered Charleston food history walking tour, cooking demonstration & tasting.

Restoring the extinct flavors of the past? That’s the flavor I’m talking about!

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