Southern Food: Reconciling Past & Present

“Nihil sub sol novum.” (There’s nothing new under the sun.)
The first phrase in Latin I learned to utter as a young student.
Difficult times to be sure. For us all, both here in Charleston and off, there is a sense that we’ve seen this all before.

Understandably, anger has roiled up into an outright hurricane of rage and destruction, threatening the Lowcountry with inundation.

It’s so easy to slip beneath the surge and succumb to this anger. Yet still I implore you to hold fast against the dying of the light. This too shall pass…

If you’re hanging out or staying in on Monday, check out my friend, colleague & fellow SC Chef Ambassador Kevin Mitchell over on the Slow Food site as he shares “A History of Southern Food.”

You may remember Chef’s work with Dr. David Shields in bringing the story of Nat Fuller to light. Together, we hosted a recreation of Nat Fuller’s Feast of Reconciliation. Originally held the week after the Civil War ended in 1865, this was literally the first time white folks and free people of color were said to have sat down to the supper table together.

Just as it was in 1865, we remain deeply in need of Reconciliation. Nihil sub sol novum; there’s nothing new under the sun.

Details below; check it:

A History of Southern Food

Jun 1, 2020 02:00 PM

Eastern Time (US and Canada)   Conversations around southern food have been met with passion and debate. Oftentimes, the holders of these traditions are overlooked. Chef Kevin Mitchell, C.E.C, C.F.S.E, M.A, will examine the stories of the freed and enslaved Black cooks from Charleston, who, through their skill, created the authentic cuisine still alive today. 

In this session, you will discover the lives of some of the greatest black caterers of Charleston and explore some of the most important ingredients, such as Carolina Gold Rice, that play a vital part in the story of Southern food, ingredients that still today show how deep the African influence is on Southern food. 

Materials Needed: None


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