A Quick Update on Nat Fuller


Undiscovered Charleston had some strong traffic and robust responses from Friday’s post on the final resting place of Nat Fuller. Thank you for your responses- again it just goes to show the power of asking a simple question. I wanted to give a quick update on the Heriot St. Cemetery.I will be reaching out to whom we believe either may be the property owner to first gain permission to assist in a clean up of the site. If we are able to do this, it’s my hope we may be able to establish a fund for the upkeep and possible restoration of a site central to hospitality and African American history here in the Holy City. Some of you have pointed me in the direction of an organization called Enough Pie, whose mission is to provide funds for projects enhancing the community in the neighborhood of Charleston’s Upper Peninsula. I am reaching out to them in an effort to secure a small fund to help with a cleanup of the property. If granted, we will reach out to community businesses and partners in an effort to provide matching funds and services. From there, I believe it would involve coordinating all that and setting a date for a cleanup. Keep reading – I’ll keep you posted. If you would be interested in participating or volunteering, please leave a comment and I’ll follow up as I discover more.

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