Rock me Like a Hurricane

Everyone’s heard about the devastation wrought by Hurricane Hugo in 1989, some of us remember it. As Hurricane Hermine Matthew Irma Florence Dorian bears down on the Lowcountry, I wanted to touch base since many of us in F&B, as well as our Undiscovered Charleston guests, come from off and may not have ever experienced a hurricane.

What to expect:

In the event of a tropical weather event, you should basically be prepared for high winds, heavy rains, hail, possible tornadoes, flooding in low lying areas and possible storm surges. Loss of power, mobile phone service, cable & internet may occur.

Below is a FEMA doc of emergency supplies. FEMA advises you should have something like this put together in the event of emergency. Have an exit plan, remember that low lying areas are prone to flooding (avoid Lockwood and East Bay on the peninsula- the high ground is in the middle- Meeting, King, Ashley & Rutledge.) Be aware of where available shelters may be. Look out for the people around you and for your guests– they may be in need of help. Stay in touch with your families and remember mobile phone service may be diminished or nonexistent.

Here’s a link to the National Hurricane Center, FEMA and Red Cross. I suggest you bookmark the pages on your mobile.

Just as in the kitchen, remember: P.roper P.reparation P.revents P.iss P.oor P.erformance! Stay safe.

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