Frank Lee Speaking

“If you’re really going to be creative, you’re going to have to have your shit together.”
Chef Frank Lee

Still learning from this man. As long as I’ve known him, Chef has always had this fantastic repertoire of aphorisms that continue to knock around my head.

The rhythm of mis en place.

Strike while the iron is hot.

Constant pressure, gently applied.

If a protein is lost then the animal died in vain.

That’s not what I told you!

The kitchen should be a place of calm and order. Home is where Chaos reigns, not the line.

They’re just NOT GETTING IT!

Well you guys got your shit together; I’m headed downtown.

and my all time favorite: eggggssssccccellent (usually hard won.)

Are you a former Maverick culinarian? Have you won your Blood Shirt? What are your favorite Frank Lee-isms?

Post Script- How did I fail to include this from Charleston Wine and Food Festival? Thanks for the reminder Timothy Ryan Pettit!


Some additional gems:

Paul Bocuse told me”take what you have learned from us. Go home and apply it. And Don’t Copy Us.”

After a while we developed a true camaraderie and a dedicated belief that a rising tide floats all boats.

In Charleston, we have the best chef community in the country. Ambitious. Competitive. Yet supportive and collaborative.



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