Bourdain: a History in Objects

This is not a post about Charleston, food tours or historic walking tours. But after 25 years in restaurant kitchens, I’m still in love. I love kitchens, and the gifted artisans, technicians, miscreants and psychopaths that inhabit them. No one ever summed up this life and these people so smartly or succinctly as Anthony Bourdain.

For many in the industry, the loss of Bourdain to suicide was not only a monumental loss, but for many of us sure felt a whole lot like betrayal. Doubly so given that we lost Chris Cornell in the same year.

Last month the personal effects of Anthony Bourdain were displayed before auction in NYC, Savannah & New Braumfels Texas.

I could go on. And on. And on. But at the end of the day, nothing rings so true about who he was as much as the objects he owned and surrounded himself with and, finally, the cookbooks he read and the movies he watched that made him so undeniably Bourdain.

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